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  • Woodgrain Bezel

    I just bought a 2005 F150 and can't wait to get a carputer in this thing, but I'm still trying to overcome several obstacles. The first and most daunting is the touchscreen LCD. The stock opening is actually 7.5 inches by 4.75 inches so there's plenty of roonm but the overlay is wood grain.

    I was thinking of using a 7" screen, but now I'm wondering if there are resizing controls on the screen to adjust the picture size. If so I may be able to avoid having to reinvent the wheel and just use an 8".
    If not I just don't know how I'd build a bezel to work with a wood grain.

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    2k.........I do not know about the resize but can help you if you need the bezel molded in. Your dash is most likely coated with a process called photogenesis. Is your wood grain a full wrap around the piece? I am sure it is. The monitor can be molded into that piece and then the entire radio bezel can be recoated with the wood grain. There is a company in Pinellas Park that does the coating. Let me know if you need a hand molded the bezel or if you can want someone to do it for you.


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      I'm not sure if the wood grain wraps the entire way around or not, but I may not have to do a true bezel after all. My stock opening happens to match the exact size of the Xenarc 700-TSV. I just ordered it in black, and I 'll have a better idea in the coming weeks. I'm going to get all of my parts together before I remove part 1 from the interior of the truck. Hopefully the case and screen will arrive next week and I can get started soon. Who's the company in Pinellas Park? I have a funny feeling that I may be calling on them.
      I also appreciate the offer for help. I'm probably going to need it!


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        Gemico is the place in Pinellas Park. I have seen alot of their work and it is very good. Just let me know if you need any help.