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    Hi guys,
    Im new here (as you can see from my post count) and i wanted to ask where the best location for a 7" touchscreen for the Del Sol would be. This isnt my Del Sol, but its the exact interior of mine:
    Right under all the a/c controls, there is a huge spot i can mold it in, but i wanted to try to aviod putting it there, because I had just recently put in a new head unit there. I ran a search, and came across a few people asking this same question, but the people recommended to put it in the spot of the head unit. Thanks alot for your help, i greatly appreciated it.

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    Thats going to be a tough choice on what you want to keep. What I would suggest is that you move the HVAC controls lower to where the HU currently is. Then you might have enough room for the lcd where the HVAC controls were. If you want to keep the HU you can move it into the glovebox.

    btw: where is the stock HU located?
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      Screen Question

      Thanks for the reply, the HU is located under that flap cover that you see in the pic. Its closed.