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lili put fab help?

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  • lili put fab help?

    im trying to find some info
    i bought an extra lili put housing before i got the screen itself
    and im lookign at it. theres the hole for the screena nd then the bottons under that.

    if i dont want buttons on this an djsut plan to move that all to behind it.. ie never seen a lili put in pieces and am not sure what i have work with

    so im asking you guys for pics or something on EXACTLY h0w much space i need.

    cause i have a double din and am trying to mold this thinger into a double din kit i hav so i dont have to actually chop up the whole dash piece. as this aprts a 12 dollar replaement compare to a lot more haha.

    please help\
    like if i cu the buttons off. how low does it have to be bellow the screen?

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    chop the dash the buttons are useful imo


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      another option is to chop off the buttons, hide the circuit board for the buttons, and extend the wires for the IR sensor and use the lilliput remote


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        stud thats wut iw anna do

        i have an 04 civic an dits double din i have a mounting bracket for in the hole for double din.

        so i was hoping to mount a 7: to that mounting thinger. and not have to custom the whle cntre part.
        but i dont have the screen jsut the shell. now the hole i have to work with is larger then the screen area of the liliput.

        im wonderin ghow much more room is needed?
        i i mount jsut the sceen and put buttons etc behind the screen.

        bah i need a lili


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          The little recess above the buttons is where I normally trim Lillis off. Then when you move the button board around back there is nothing else within the housing that would hang below that cut off area.


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            so ig ot the lili 7 inch screen in front of me

            above the buttons. theres a deep like 2mm wide indent that runs the length of the screen
            is that wher eu mean that you cut it off?
            and for the top if i flatten it out a bit?

            i really wanna ge tow ork on this so when ever i can afford the actualy screen it splug and play

            anyone have a picture of a stripped 7 inch lili screen before fabbing it in. so i an get a visual of where to cut>?

            or even Photo chop a few cut lines in?

            btw you guys and this site rocks!!


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              I don't have any pics, but with the exception being the buttons, the circuit boards within the Lilli are no larger than the screen. If you look inside the front you can see the tabs that locate and center the LCD along with the 4 screw posts for the tabs that hold it in. As you long as you don't cut these all off all is well. I believe you may lose the lower tabs if you cut on that recess but if you need the maximum height reduction its no big deal. Just secure it so it can't fall.


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                alright i think i got it. sounds good. yeah i just need to be able to pop it into the dash so it needs to be smaller then a certain size heh.

                thanks for the help!