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What to use to fill in empty spaces?

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  • What to use to fill in empty spaces?

    Im thinking of moving my monitor into a new spot, problem is its a big empty spot. Is there some type of shapable foam I can use to fill in the empty space and then go over that with bondo?
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    you could just use a piece of flat abs plastic and bondo, or fiberglass over that.
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      ABS is the way to do it. Use an epoxy to bond it in and the feather it in with a body filler.


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        get some styrene foam - used to make composite sandwhich panels and stuff. It is designed to be shaped like you want.

        Or you could try expanding building foam but i hate the stuff as it is hard to trim.

        We have the stuff in Uni, it is blue dense foam that can be sanded and cut easily.


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          I recommend Balsa Foam, it is what Industrial Designers and model makers of many types use for making sketch models, you can sand it, bondo it and even paint over it. It works really well , however it is toxic to breath in large doses, so breathing protection is recommended.
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