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  • Hoods?! Best starts

    Tried to but nada.

    I'm going to install my 8" touch in my dash, and wherever it is, it'll need a hood. What's the best place to start? Motorcycle visors? Fresh build out of chicken wire etc?
    Suggestions, if you will. Have fun, do something really over the top, like a milk bottle lol

    1996 Volvo 850 T5 CD - Eventually I'll start....

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    1996 Volvo 850 T5 CD - Eventually I'll start....


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      I'm going to have to do a hood as well. My dash fabrication is made of 100% ABS plastic. I made some ABS "goop" by melting a bunch of ABS shavings in a plastic squeeze bottle with some acetone.after a day or so, it turns into a black syrupy glue that will bond ABS pieces toghether. ABS is great too, because you can bend it with some heat. That being said, i'll make my hood by bending a few 1" strips into a "c" shape with some heat, then glue them in place onto the top section of my ABS bezel. The glue fuses the two pieces toghether after a day, and the edge of the lip can be easily sanded. Here's a thread talking about the ABS glue:
      Good luck with your project!

      Asus P5N73-AN Mobo/Celeron E1400 2Ghz Dual Core CPU/2Gb GEIL PC3200/120GB HDD/DSATX PS/8" Phylon TS