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suspension for drives in car pc

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  • suspension for drives in car pc

    has anyone thought of a clever way to make suspension or dampners for your hard drive and optical drives in your car pc ?

    im thinking of attaching my drives to the case suspended from rubber or some kind or mini "shocks"

    maybe r/c car parts or i dont know, im gona go hang out and look around home depot or somthin.

    i dont know how big of an issue shock and vibration will be as im using laptop drives, but i do drive crazy and not on the road somtimes.

    also has anyone liquid-cooled there car pc?

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    this has been talked about so much ... you won't get anyone to agree.

    but I agree withthe folks that say any 'suspension' needs to be dampning (i.e. not rubber bands that could cause rythmic bouncing) ... with that said most peopl ehave no problem just mounting their hd to a hard surface vertically.
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      yes, like shakes said, much talk, but 2 things stand out in my memory.
      1) Most people dont use any sort of dampening/suspension
      2) Most folks dont have hard drive issues. In fact, I remember a thread where people were talking about car accidents they were in that didnt damage their drives at all.

      Those laptop drives are a really solid bet.. if you want another layer of defence.. hmmm...
      1) some sort of dampening
      2) mirroring raid. when you have a write error, your system can correct
      3) make sure you have plenty of ram so you minimize your disk access
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        Originally posted by fuctup
        also has anyone liquid-cooled there car pc?
        This has also been discussed over and over and over again.
        AS far as I know, nobody has done it. The general consensus is that it's a horrible idea.
        Vibrations in a car knocking a fitting loose would be disastrous. It also adds complexity to the setup, which isn't a good thing in the car (at least to me).

        Seriously, fuctup. You need to start reading the forums. The answers to every question you've asked have been bounced around here repeatedly.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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