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What kind of Bondo is exactly needed?

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  • What kind of Bondo is exactly needed?

    As well as what is the best primer and paint to buy. And where can I get all this. Can't wait to do the dash. Will post pics of the whole process. Thanks for the help.

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    Home Depot has everything I needed. I used plastic primer and standard spray paint from the same brand. I'm sure experts will chime in later. There is bondo glass for filling larger spots and bondo body filler for smoothing it out.
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      Body shop supply companies have absolutely everything you will need.


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        Thanks guy, going to get everything ready, and look for some free time.


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          If you have a body shop supplier in your area it would best if you bought Rage body filler and SEM paint products. SEM has the primer, paint, and if you want texture spray.

          Home Depot has the products that will work but Rage is far easier to use then Bondo brand and SEM products are made for plastics. SEM also has factory matched colors if you want to go that route.