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    I'm trying to plan out the layout of my dash. I'm taking out my current head unit and replacing it with a 7" Lilliput LCD (ordering this week). What I want to do is have the LCD at the top, CD slot load drive underneath, and move the heat/air controls from the top to the bottom. Here is a picture of what I would like to have:

    I'm going to fiberglass the bezel from the LCD into the dash. I've seen a lot of tutorials on fiberglassing a mold for a sub, or door, but I haven't seen anything on fiberglassing the LCD bezel into the dash. What supplies should I use that stick to the plastic? Maybe someone can point me to some threads that have pics and are pretty much step by step. This is my first time fiberglassing anything, so I'm new to all these different types of molding techniques and stuff.

    Here is a picture of behind the dash.

    I should be able to mount the LCD and CD drive easily. But the hear/air controls might be a little harder.

    Any suggestions/comments are greatly appreciated.


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    Most folks use bondo rather than fiberglass.

    Looks like your plan to move the controls is a good one.
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      Ok thanks. Do you know what type of bondo I should use? My understanding is that there are a lot of different types of bondo. What would work well with the plastic dash? I'm not sure how I will hold everything in place, and be able to fill in the gaps.
      I cut a piece of paper to the dimensions of the LCD to see how everything would line up. My best bet would be to move the controls to the bottom, and having the LCD at the top would be easier to keep an eye on.

      Thanks for the help


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        You might to check real quick and make sure your heat controls are not mechanical, that could cause a problem.
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          Ok thanks. Do you know what type of bondo I should use?
          the pink **** with the poonani hair lol -- thas if u want it to stick hard i do that and it works good but its messy basicly its auto body bondo with the hardner and fiberglass hairs in it to hold it strong works well when i do it ! lol

          You might to check real quick and make sure your heat controls are not mechanical, that could cause a problem.
          :-P i ****ed mine up doing that hahaha


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            The fan speed and temp controls are electronic and the duct control is vacuum, I think. Is it alright to pull it out?


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              Sounds good to me, you might have to extend the wires and vacuum line a bit, but that's easy.
              2007 Honda Fit Sport 1.5L SOHC-VTEC


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                Ok cool. I just ordered the 7" Lilliput from the mp3car store I'll check how far I can move the heat/air controls when I get the LCD. I don't want to keep removing the dash because the tabs that hold it can break easily :\

                xdjxklusivex, What's the name of the bondo you're talking about? Is it on this page?

                I'm thinking about using an abs board (saw in another thread) to fill in the gaps, and have something for the bondo to stick to.


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                  Interesting... From the looks of the dash, it looks like you have a late-90s (or newer) Pontiac, Bonneville perhaps? I just got a '99 Bonneville with center console -- it looks almost identical to yours (except very slightly different heating/ac control icons). I have been planning on going a similar route, except perhaps to go with an 8" screen. I can put a DVD drive under the screen (where you have your HVAC controls shown), and relocate those controls somewhere else (to where, I don't know). I'm debating about doing away with the glove compartment door and fabricating some with the hvac controls there... I've tried seeing if it could fit in pocket thing on the ceiling near the rear-view mirror, but that's just a tad too narrow and i'd have to route wires a long way. Still not sure.


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                    Yep, 93 Bonneville. I looked at some pictures of a 99, and the dash's look pretty much the same. You might still be able to fit the controls at the bottom of the dash where it curves. Moving them up by the rear view mirror is a good idea, but you're right, that's a long run. Having them on the passenger side is kind of inconvient. Not many places to mount them to :\. On mine, there's a lot of room under the dash, so it would be easy to have it angled where the curve in the dash is. I was thinking of mounting a mini-itx case under the dash since there's tons of room, but I don't have the funds right now. I'd like to know how yours turns out


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                      I haven't had time to take off the controls to see how deep everything is... I was thinking that I may be able to put the controls between the arm rest compartment and the shifter. There's currently just an empty space there (covered by a piece of plastic), so I may go the junk yard, buy an extra control set, and cut away at it to see if I can somehow arrange the controls to fit in this space (e.g. move the right-most control, the location control, to a location under the fan speed and temp control). I have a couple of ham/amateur radios I'm running towards the bottom part of the dash (where it curves), so that space isn't available to move the HVAC controls.


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                        Originally posted by WxGuy1
                        I was thinking that I may be able to put the controls between the arm rest compartment and the shifter.
                        It looks like you could fit them into the bottom of that upper panel if you arranged them into a triangle configuration like that.


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