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Box and In-Dash setup questions

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  • Box and In-Dash setup questions


    I am about to being the inital work on my car computer setup and I have a couple questions.

    First I have a couple questions about my dash setup. My car is a 2-door '01 Explorer sport and the dash on the inside is pretty crappy.

    As you can see in the picture above and below, the paint is coming off all around the bezel of my deck/ac controls.

    The whole part is a piece of crap. There are other gray plastic parts around my car, but none of them have the low quality of this particular part. It almost seems like ford just took a black part and dipped it in a little silver paint and then slapped it in my car. I literally just have to run my finger nail across it (lightly at that) and the silver paint just comes off to reveal the black underneith.

    So what I want to do is just get rid of the silver all together. My questions is what to do I need to do? I was thinking of taking the plastic piece and sanding it with fine grit sand paper. Then painting it with some sort of black paint. What is the best route for getting the silver paint off and when it comes time to paint it, what would you recommend for paint.. I am not experienced in anything like this so I really wouldn't know what to use.

    Here is the setup I eventually want to have.

    Lastly I am going to build a custom box to put in my trunk to hold my PC and sub. I have read to use 3/4 inch medium density fiberboard, is this correct? Also where can I find good box carpet to carpet my finished product in, I am not to sure where to look and the few places I found on the internet were really $$$.

    Anyways thanks for your time.


    1. How do I remove paint from dash bezel.
    2. What paint would I use on dash bezel.
    3. What wood for sub/pc box? fiberboard?
    4. where/what carpet for box?

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    hate to be the barer of bad news buddy but it looks like you have a 1.5din space there so you are going to have to scavenge another 1/2 din (25mm / 1inch) from above or below if you want a 7" screen. YOu should be able to do it though by trimming a bit off here. measure the space and check as it may just be decieving. you need about 90-100mm.


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      I see, I figured I would most likely have to do a little cutting. My dremel should come in handy .