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Screen build, CarPC V3 has started in earnest.

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  • Screen build, CarPC V3 has started in earnest.

    With the making of the screen surround for a Celica GT4 (gen4) ST185, using a Tview/Linitx/CarTFT 7" touch screen.

    I was going to go with the ABS chips and acetone route, but it was getting tricky to find ABS pipe/fittings (could find loads of PVCu solvent weld pipe in all colours) and acetone in sufficient quantities cheap in the UK.

    So I used epoxy metal (metal impregnated epoxy putty).

    haven't sanded anything yet, but here are the first pictures.

    It's a bit messy, needs loads of sanding, and will need some bondo/spot filling but, it was fairly easy to work with, and didn't smell so bad that I had to work outside.

    I'm losing both of the din slots, and the cup holders.
    The Screen takes over them all, but I plan to put the slot DVD rom inside the armrest cubby hole and PC under the passenger seat.
    4x4 in a turbo stylee.

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    Well, not everything worked quite as planned, as it always the case.
    After Sanding, and getting everything really nice and smooth at the sides and top, with only minimal spot filling needed before giving it some a primer blow over, to find the high and low spots, and starting on the bottom, it was a lot harder to get enough epoxy putty in behind.

    And it cracked. I lifted itself right away from the console surround. and it started to spread up the sides.

    So, before I settle to going back to bondo to fix it up, I dud out some of the trimmings from the console, and the ABS/PVC solvent weld adhesive. I didn't make a paste, but I did basically glue bits and pieces of the off cuts between the screen case and the console surround at the bottom and sides where it has started to break off.

    If it works, bondo and sanding tomorrow night.
    If it fails, the fibreglass is coming out.
    4x4 in a turbo stylee.


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      That is similar to what I did. I turned my single DIN into a double by cutting out the divider between my radio and the pocket. Then I used that piece to put at the bottom and glued it in with ABS cement. I then filled the gaps with bondoglass. I am still sanding it down, but it seems to be working great.


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        I'm lucky. It came with a Double din unit when a Jap model, and a single din and blank when a european model. Plus the cupholders at the bottom are almost 1/2 DIN.

        With them removed and a little trimming it fitted right in.

        I think that I may need to trim the actual dash panel behind a little, but even if I put it back to stock for selling later, it will still look normal from the outside.
        4x4 in a turbo stylee.


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          things have moved on a little, and I'm just at the stage where I can add the first couple of coats of plastic pimer, and then 3 or 4 coats of primer filler, before sanding back, and priming properly.

          Looks a lot better close up now.

          The speckles in the last picture are dust, not filler bobs.

          just hope after the primer filler and wet sanding with 1200 grit, it will look as good.

          I have some satin black "bumper" paint. Does well, but doesn't give much of a texture.

          Irony is, after getting this far, and getting it fastened in so well, the chances are, I'm going to sell the car soon possibly, because it's oil consumption is getting far too high, if I can't find out of it is burning, or leaking oil, and if leaking, where from.
          4x4 in a turbo stylee.