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pics of dash, any help with design?

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  • pics of dash, any help with design?

    Hey this is my fiat punto dash. Just wanted to know if it was possible to move the heater knobs somewhere else cos that would be the ideal place for the screen. the original position below the head unit is just a bit too low. tell me what you reckon?

    also another quick question, tried to find the answer myself. I'm taking the 8inch lilliput casing off so i can get it to look flush with the dash. after the case is off how does one change the inputs from vga to s video etc cos the buttons are on the front!?
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    It really depends on how much work/time you are willing to put into it.

    Personally I like you second option best, mounting your screen up more. This gives you serveral advantages and won't be as distracting vs. having the screen lower. If you placed the screen in the lower position, it is going to be harder to switch songs and stay focused on the road.

    However, it takes more work moving you AC/heat controls and such. It will some time and a good amount of research.

    Also, the Lilliput should come with a remote that allows you to do the functions you need. Just don't cover up the IR sensor.

    cheers and good luck


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      I like the second option (dash3.jpg) also, but yeah, it's going to take the most work...

      If you want the easiest way, for for option 1. If you want it to be the best it can, go for option 2.
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        heres where i put my origional one, im currently re-doing it but u get the idea

        check my new dials too, awsome:


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          if the climate controls have no mechanic parts than relocate them lower.
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            unfortunatly they do, but im sure its worth the sacrifice. thats what im planning anyway.


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              simple did you actually put your screen there then or is that just done ont he computer to show what it would look like? im prob gonna go for option 2 like. I'll let you know how i'm getting on, give us some tips if you come across any too simple seeing as though we both have puntos!

              cheers for the help lads


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                actually did it rich, got more photos of it too
                check this thread out:

                my new install will be more like your option 2 though, but theirs quite a few things to concider when doing so, so be carefull with it and itll look awsome just bought a touch screen to go in and some carputer bits


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                  looks really good simple. Just started moving the bits around now, should be ok, but itll take some time. Could you tell me what type of filler u used around the screen, and where u got your bracket and what type u used to hold the screen to the dash.