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    I know this isn't really the right forum to talk about restoring a car tag, but I figure I might as well ask. Anyone know what kind of paint or substance is used to make a tag reflective? I'm restoring a 1979 tag to use as my antique car tag in place of the ugly white one with the model T offered normally. As long as you use a tag from the same year model in restored condition it's okay. Well, you have to send it off and get it approved first, but yeah....

    Anyways, when I got the tag it was bent up with a big dent right in the center. So I beat out the dents and shaped it back to normal. Then had to sand it down and prime it to smooth it out. So then I got some sparkly "reflective" paint and tried that...yeah not too good. Any suggestions? Do you use some other kind of reflective paint or maybe a type of film? I've searched around alot but have come up short so far. I guess because it isn't a big deal for do-it-yourself projects. Mostly just car tags and road signs.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    their is a reflective vinyl that I think will do what you want. Its like what they use for road signs you should be able to get some through a sign shop around you I would imagine. If not look on the web im sure you can find a suplier for it.


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      All I've found so far is some stuff made by 3M that costs a few hundred dollars a gallon....around $43 just for a pint. Still looking though....


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        I used to know an online retailer for it but couldn't tell you what the site was anymore. Like I said call a sign shop in your area im sure that they will have it or be able to order some in for you. Or try ebay I did a search and found a bunch on their. You should be able to get a couple feet for like $10.00 or $15.00 give or take.


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          Well I did find this stuff: It's a spray on reflective paint that contains tiny glass beads. That sounds alot better than the crappy reflective paint I got at Walmart. I might try it out. I guess it's a clear coat. Anyways.