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RSX install w/custom paint and dvd

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  • RSX install w/custom paint and dvd

    Well after a while of reading all the posts here I tried it myself, this was my 1st try at anything like this,after the orig screen part went well I addeda molded slimline dvd into the dash and then custom painted interior accent pieces with SEM 3 part candy apple red, took 20 coats including primer and clear... hope you guys enjoy it :

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    damn not 1 comment.... is that bad to yall?


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      Well since I am the first person to comment, I must say it is very good...I like that you painted the Ampie case from the stock blue and I also like the metallic red choice for the interior. The screen pics look good...can you show us the PC installed in the trunk? This makes me drool when I think of my upcoming setup...
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        sure here it is

        I was able to put it inside the rear wheel well and total out of site.


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          RSX... *drool*


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            nah man it looks very good.. just the pics are a bit small, so hard to see a lot of details and really comment on it. From what I can tell though, looks very professional.

            The red is a little too out there for my tastes, but it's definately a sexy red.


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              the one high res pic is great, good job on the molding!

              I don't like the red, but to each his own, good job otherwise!
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                Owning an RSX - Type-S I can appreciate the splash of colour you put in the new pieces. The ride is pimp'n!

                I wouldn't do a red personally, I like liquid metalic blue. But then I also want to have my exterior Blueish-Black with a Green Pearl! So who am I to give out my personal taste!

                Anyways good job on the molding. Want to do one for me?! I need to do something simliar. what did you use for the CD-ROM\DVD-ROM sleeve? I need something like that to do my molding.

                P.S. you need to change up the stock shift knob to finish it off, something aluminium maybe with a little Red. I like the nice thin shaft with metalic and a splash of colour to meld it in with the interior. Small change but it'll make all the dif.

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                  the primed DVD piece looks good. I can't tell from the sorta small pics, but it seems like your screen piece could use a bit more work on the paint. Good job though.
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                    Woo, another RSXer. =)
                    I was thinking about doing that with the DVD but didn't have the balls for it yet. Looks really good though! Where did you get the 'sleeve' for the dvd drive?


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                      dang, links dead for me


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                        link works just fine for me.

                        Very nice work btw. looks really good.
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                          damn man nice job. what color is ur car? wondering why u chose red


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                              i like it paint it urself insted of paying for trim kits , what kind of paint did u use??