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LCD in Ceiling of 97 subaru outback sport

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  • LCD in Ceiling of 97 subaru outback sport

    Hello all, noob here, sorry if this is a double post but i've been looking for similar thread and have had no luck.

    Anyways, what i want is to put an LCD screen into the ceiling of my car, there is an area right behind my review mirror that slopes at just the right angle to make it accesible while driving but not distracting. when i recline my seat it would put the monitor in perfect alignment to use. and watch DVD's etc

    does anyone see any potential downsides to this? i will post a pic when i can get my camera working maybe tomorrow,

    Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions

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    I'd think it would get quite hot being so close to the roof which heats up quickly, I dont see any thing drastic that would hold you back. Pimp my ride put 7" screens on the outside of a corrola... so anything is possible
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