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  • SEM Paint Problem

    I finally got around to finishing my fabrication and went to paint it so I would be able to post the finished product but I noticed a problem with my paint job. My dash piece came out with a textured finish to it. I have been using SEM paint for a while and have never had any problems like this. This was also a fresh can of paint. In order to achieve that gloss finish I am assuming I am going to have to wetsand now Has any one else had problems like this. Thanks in advance!

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    try painting with wetter coats. Hold the can closer to the dash peice. You will have to meve quicker to avoid running.

    There is always wetsanding. It depends wether your texture is peaks of valleys. If peaks then you can just wetsand until smooth. If valleys then will have to spray another coat to fill in the valleys.

    question.... was it really hot out when you painted? If so then thats why you have texture becasue the paint dried a little too much before it made contact with your dash peice.

    BTW post a picture
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      DAMMIT! Thanks antimatter. It was about 90+ outside plus humidity making it almost a 100. Now that I think about it I have never painted when it was this hot outside. Can I avoid the wetsanding and just paint closer to the dash because that is a lot more work that I won't have time to do for a while.


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        Here are some pics of my mishap... What would be the best route to achieve the results I want?

        1 - Sand it down and repaint
        2 - Wetsand
        3 - Open to suggestions!
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          Are you spraying light mist coats in high temperatures? I'd sand it smooth with 500 and lay on one nice wet coat at about 70 degrees.


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            I will give that a try Altimat. Thanks for your reply as well. The thing is always 80+ degrees here even at night! I will just have to find someplace indoors and mask off and be super careful.


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              doesn't look like that cigarette lighter socket is gonna work so well anymore...
              But don't take it from me! here's a quote from a real, live newbie:
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                I never use the cig lighter for anything so I didn't care to mask it off. I don't smoke and don't have to worry about people asking me for a light.


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                  Hope you never need to charge your phone in the car.


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                    stop being a sissy and bust out the sand paper and smooth it off. You could have it done it 1 hour.

                    listen to altimats suggestion. He knows his stuff. You need to sand down the peaks and fill in the valleys. You need one more coat of paint after you take down that grain.

                    practice on another peice to get the texture you want and don't paint when it is so hot. Wait until the evening when it is cooler.
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                      You can not get a high gloss finish wet sanding a single stage paint. If you want a high gloss deep finish then you need to clear coat the part.

                      I would follow Altimat directions. A few light dry coats with a one...maybe two wet coats. I would not do several wet coats unless you have to and if you do make sure there is enough dry time between coats for the paint to flash. If you layer up wet coats without enough to dry the solvents can "pop" and mess up the finish.


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                        painting hard plastic

                        the best method for painting hard plastic for us has been to clean with the Sem scuff & clean, followed by the Sem plastic/leather prep. Then use the two step application of the Sem plastic adhesion promoter prior to coloring. As everyone else has said.....spray especially when using an aerosol when the humidity is low. Do not hold the can too far away and you should achieve good results. If there is a little "blushing" one can use their heat gun carefully to get rid of that.