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Another 90 VW Corrado install

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  • Another 90 VW Corrado install

    Thanks to Sivart321 for his inspiration and tons of information... and Moondog51 for all his help too!

    My install is nearly complete... Should be done in a few days, waiting for a couple of parts.. power relay and gps... Then I can finish all the wiring..

    Here is the car:

    90 VW Corrado G60 Stage 4.... a bunch of mods...

    Crappy picture of the interior.. ** prior to installation

    Okay.. so now the fabrication part..

    The dash piece only has a slot for a standard radio and then it houses the climate controls/hvac, then it has an ashtray/lighter combo, and finally at the bottom is has a slot for storage.

    Here is the dash minus the ashtray and lighter:

    Climate controls/hvac relocated:

    Molding the bezel in...

    And how it sits right now:

    There are a few flaws in the paintjob... so I am contemplating repainting it... I'm torn between installing it and playing... or doing it right and getting out the sandpaper and then painting it again.

    I have my carputer mounted in the trunk, strapped to a board covered in carpet that is strapped to the back of the right rear seat...

    PC Specs:

    *Antec Minuet II Case
    *Opus 150W DC>DC power supply - mounted in the 3 1/2 bay *pics to follow as others might want to do this setup... I still have the stock supply in the case too for easy swapping to "home use".
    *Xenarc 700TS - VGA Monitor with touchscreen
    *MSI K7N2GM-V Socket A (Socket 462) NVIDIA nForce2 IGP Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
    *CORSAIR ValueSelect 512MB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Unbuffered System Memory
    *AMD Mobile Athlon XP-M 2200+ (35W) Barton 266MHz FSB Socket A Processor - pin modded
    *80 gb Fujitsu sata laptop drive
    *Audiotrak Prodigy Sound card
    *Garmin GPS 18 PC
    *Griffin Powermate

    Audio setup:

    4 Channel Eclipse Amp
    -Eclipse 5 1/4 door speakers
    -Eclipse 3 1/2 dash speakers

    2 Channel JBL sub Amp
    -JL W2 10" sub

    The car is so small.. I don't have rear speakers right now... I might put some in at some point.. well, technically I have rears, they just aren't hooked up cause the stock ones were crap and I just slapped some junky subs in the trunk initially.

    I'll take some pics of the trunk when I get a chance and have some in-car pics very soon.. I just have to get off my butt and um.. put it in.

    So there is the start of my project. I have all my wires ready to go in the car, I'm really just waiting on a stupid power relay to get everything for the opus wired up correctly.

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    p.s. I want to thank Moondog51 and Sivart321 again for all their help... Without seeing Sivart's install, I probably never would have attempted something like this and without Moondog doing his install just a few days/week prior to me, I wouldn't have had somebody local to help me with all my questions and somebody to tell me what to buy.

    I couldn't possibly count how many times he sent me a parts list... "buy this from buy this from newegg... etc. etc." And damn Moon for his perfect install in his STi... I'm so jealous that my paint doesn't look as good... That's it.. I have to repaint this thing now... heh.


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      Looks good...

      I suggest redoing the paint if you are not satisfied, because once it is in the car you will have a hard time living without it while you redo the paint


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        Thanks.. Yeah I have access to a couple of painters at work.. hopefully one of them will be nice enough to help me out.


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          hire the guy who painted that wall! whoa!


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            Nice license plate too!


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              HEHE... knew the dorks here at mp3 car would dig my plate!

              That wall is in downtown Minneapolis, MN... I was there for a car show in June and couldn't help but stop and shoot some pics.


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                Alrighty... here is the update.... I wasn't happy with the paint on the dash... but I have a car show this weekend.. so it's in the car now.. I'll pull it later and repaint it.. I scratched it anyways in the install, so regardless... it would be getting repainted after the show this weekend.

                I am waiting for my power relay... so I can actually power it up... but all the cables are run... and the amps and speakers are all hooked up.. just need to make a few hookups for 5v and 12v power to the opus and wire in my relay and I'm ready to boot up!

                Updated pics:


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                  The new pictures look great!

                  I just noticed this though...

                  Should be done in a few days...
                  You just jinxed yourself! It will NEVER be done! Ask any of these fools!


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                    Sorry for the x's... my web server lost a hard drive, have to re-upload some photo galleries..

                    Having a couple audio problems... but I think it's due to the wrong adapters... what a cluster.. Hopefully that will be resolved tonight.

                    Here are some more pics..


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                      After using crimp quick connects for all my wiring, I just decided that it would be so much easier if I just used an ATX extender/ cable for the power needs that leave the case... just feed in the 20 wires through the back of the case and crimp to the necessary cables inside (molex for 2x 12v and 5v, and the PSU)... then have another ATX (opposite sex, obviously) behind my sub box containing all the incoming cables... pop the two together and you're golden, doesn't really get any "quicker" for a disconnect than that! So if my brother comes through on those cables, I'll probably rewire this thing again in the next day or so.. to clean the trunk up some more.. I really should take a trunk pic... I'll get on that once I move my sub back into position.


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                        Here are a couple of new pics..

                        First, I got new rims.

                        Okay.. enough of that..

                        Trunk pic:



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                          Full project gallery


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                            Sweet install! Where's the amp?
                            Renault Megane...the OEM look

                            The Lost in Europe Ford Escort


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                              He has the 4 channel mounted behind the sub box against the back of the seat, oriented like the pc is. Not sure where he stuck the mono amp... Maybe in the back of the GINORMOUS sub box