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Black Fine Textured Plastic for Bezel

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  • Black Fine Textured Plastic for Bezel

    I am having the hardest time figuring out what the black textured plastic is called that comes in all the stereo install kits which matches nicely with the rest of the black on my dash.

    I am planning on machine a new front cover for my LCD. I have one of the Super e-bay 7" LCD's and it actually fits almost perfect in my double din opening, but I don't like the looks of the silver cover with all the buttons.

    I can draw up a new front cover to the exact size I want, and machine it on my cnc mill. I know exactly what I want to do and how it will all mount, but I just can't find the material to machine the new front cover.

    I have purchased both Delrin and ABS, but they are very shiny. I want the matt black with a very fine textured finish.

    Thanks for any info.

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      It doesn;t matter what your machining it out of if your are cutting along the face (shaping the face). If your not you should beable to find some platic sheets with the same or similar texture.

      You could essentially machine it out of anything and then add the texture with paint (holding the can further away) or use some spray on texture like SEM texture spray. Be careful with that stuff though, a little texture goes a long ways and always wetsand with 800 or 1000 grit paper afterwards to bring it down a bit before you spray your color over it.

      I would suggest buying some supplies and similar matierials and practicing until you get the texture you want. Painting is really an art and practice makes perfect
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        Thanks for the links. But I don't want to use paint. My dash already has a double din opening, and the screen fits almost perfect. All I need to do is machine a flat bezel piece with a small fillet on the inside to blend with the bezel. So if I can find this textured material, I will only need to machine and be done.

        I actually found an old black computer monitor that doesn't work anymore. It has the exact texture I am looking for. So I might cut a peice of the housing out and use that. But I really wanted something a little thicker so I can machine some bosses into it so I can screw the LCD into the new bezel, and put it back together again into it's housing. Then the housing will mount solid behind my dash, and when I put the dash back on, it will be a nice flush look.

        I know I can do a lot with wood, or even metal, but I was trying to avoid the whole texture and paint thing. Plain plastic seems to be way more durable especially with kids in the car. And it would work perfect for my installation.



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          if its small then a dvd cover?
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            Its a bezel for my 7" lcd display. So it needs to be about 8" x 5".

            I wonder if that texutred plastic is only created from a mold. Maybe sheets of this stuff don't actually exist.


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              The sheet abs I got off of amazon is pretty close to my oem finish.

              It's a little shiny, but you could easily buy some flat black krylong fusion and fix that. Or a little rubbing alchohol will make it lose the shine as well or some run a torch lightly over it. The latter is what they do to prepare some plastics for painting. Carbonizes the outer layer or something.
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                You say you purchased a sheet of abs that has texture on it. I also purchased a 12 x 12 x .5 thick sheet of abs from McMaster, and it was very smooth a shiny, it had no texture at all.

                I will look on amazon and see what they have.



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                  I looked on amazon and found the sheets. I did some more searches and came up with a few people that sell textured ABS sheets. It looks as if the textured sheets only come in thickness up to .375, where .250 is more common. Do to what I wanted to do I would need at least .5" thick.

                  Hmm. Just had a thought. I could use the .5" smooth abs I have and laminate the 1/16" inch textured that I cut from an old black monitor on top of the .5". Then I could machine as one whole piece. Since the face is the only thing that shows, as long as I laminate well, it should work perfect.

                  Just need to find the best glue for plastics. Something that will actually melt and bond the two pieces together.

                  Thanks again.


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                    .5 sounds pretty thick for a screen bezel. I believe I got mine from partsexpress through amazon.

                    As far as glue, check out this thread on solvent adhesives. Basically disolving abs in acetone to make an abs "glue"

                    You have a CNC machine? I'm jealous.

                    Another trick that "MIGHT" work is this. Find something with a suitable texture. For instance, take a sheet of textured material and make a stamp of the texture with something durable like epoxy. Then heat up your material as much as you can without melting it or making it sticky. ( For ABS, ~325f in my experience). Then quickly use the stamp to press the texture into the material. They do this in sculpting all the time. They call it a texture stamp.
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                      I need to have 1/2" inch because that is how tall the mounting bosses are on the original lcd cover. This is where the lcd and back panel will screw in to.

                      I am not actually making a Bezel, but a complete replacement lcd front. So basically, I am going to screw my lcd display into my new custom cover, then screw it all back together again with the original back piece.

                      This way I can mount the entire assembly solid to the frame behind the dash, and when I put my dash back on, it will sit perfectly flush and take up the double din space nicely. This is how the stock stereo was installed, and this is how I installed my aftermarket alpine, which will soon be replaced with my car pc.

                      Thanks for the glue thread. I will take a look at it.

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                        If you are looking for ABS plastic then go here . Click on the link on the side for A-Z Products then click on ABS laminates in the list that pops up. They have Black ABS as well as a selection of wood look carbon fiber and brushed aluminum laminates. They have lots of other goodies too. They are not the cheapest you can find, but the guy who owns this company does a lot of research and trials to make sure he is selling top notch products.



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                          You could get a piece of ABS hair cell which is smooth on one side and textured on the other. It greats for vacuum-forming and molding. Try They have both smooth and hair cell available in black and white.