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lcd mount into weird slot

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  • lcd mount into weird slot

    I have a problem with where to put my lcd screen. I do not want to replace my headunit with a motorized screen and I dont think mounting it up top is very usable. Lastly I have no experinence at all with bondo or fiberglass or anything like that.

    I have a slot where i guess either a ashtray had been or a cassette player had been(car had previous owners). It is weird it has a little hole in the back of it. the slot itself is about 3" wide, .5" tall and about 3.5 inces deep. I thought about putting a custom made mount in the slot with the wires in it and putting the wired through the hole in the back. Picture of the slot is below (it is where my remote is).

    The mount would slide into the slot perfectly leaving no space and the screen would be on a hinge like thing infront of the headunit when lifted up. I would rotate the thing down when using the headunit and would like to be able to detach the lcd.

    I also have very crude concept drawings below.

    How could i make this??
    Any Suggestions to design? What I should use as the hinge mechanism to keep it from rotating down on my shifter during driving.
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