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  • smoothing fiberglass

    This isn't really for the car computer, but i just built 2 subwoofer enclosures out of fiberglass. They are very strong and exactly the shape and size i want (within 5% volume of eachother). My problem is that they are pretty ugly. This was my first attempt at fiberglassing, and while practical, they aren't nice to look at. They are uneven w/ some dips here and there. I tried sanding it, but my random orbital sander can't get into some of the dips. Should i cut off some of the "knobs" and fill it with something, then sand?

    Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Try your best to knock down any high spots and spikes. Then use an automotive body filler. Something like Bondo or Rage. I prefer Rage Extreme or gold but it is not as easy to get as the Bondo product. Rage can be purchased at an Autobody supply shop and some Napa's. Bondo can be bought at nearly any auto parts store and home depot. Follow the instructions on the can and take your time spreading the product. The smoother you spread the product the easier it will be for you to sand.


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      Here's how I sand down bondo.. (its accually not bondo, light weight blue stuff)

      40 grit by hand to knock off the tackyness, more bondo, 40 grit (more bondo if needed), 80 grit to get the 40 gril lines out, then see if you need any more bondo, then either A) use 180 grit to get the 80 grit out, or B) use a DA sander with 180 or 360 grit. Once you have all the low grit lines out, wet sand with 400, then finish it to your choice, I like using a 1200 or 1500 last.
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        i used a VERY course round file for the knubs and just filled in the low spots with body filler, which is much easier to work with.
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