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    Does anyone know about liquid foam or an agent that turns to foam. I am trying to secure my tank battery in a small well in the rear of my X5. The battery is free to move around in the well and I want to cusion it a little. I dont want to bolt it down and it anything I could screw in a metal strap so it dosent jump in the air if I hit a bump but I am thinking that if I can pour some liguid foaming agent in the well almost to the hight of the battery it will hold it nice and good. I dont know much about foam but something like the foam you get in a hard disk box or mabye that stuff that they use for packing boxes that takes the shape of whats inside should do the trick. The end result would be firm and can easly ripped of if necessary.

    I did find this but I wondering if someone here know about stuff like this and can point me in the right direction.

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    There's an expanding foam that's available at most hardware stores called "Great Stuff".
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      yeah, thats the ticket, I am sure my local hardware has that stuff. I was finding some crazy industrial stuff. total overkill. Thanks bro.....


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        Be careful about putting in too much and making the box into a balloon. The foam puts out a lot of pressure as it expands.


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          Another thing you can use is possibly that insta-pak stuff

          I dunno how heat resistant the stuff is though.. does a battery even get hot? When it's not in the engine compartment I mean of course.


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            woah, don't do it. relying on expanding foam as a battery hold down is a very, very bad idea.

            people have gotten seriously injured and killed from doing stuff like that.

            in the event of a real accident, if you're lucky, you will only have to deal with a 50 lb high speed projectile ready to obliterate through any heads etc in its path.

            if you're not lucky, this explosive projectile (or maybe the power wire eventually leading to the alternator) will also short itself out on something conductive which is great fireworks for the kids until the rescuers trying to get everyone out through the tailgate realize that it has arc welded itself shut or the SUV has turned into a george foreman rotisserie grill on sale bon appetit everyone enjoy your meal.

            seriously, expanding foam is great stuff (no pun intended) and has its uses, but this isnt it and you better really secure that thing down somehow. I just recently moved the battery to the back of my small SUV. being a very rare collectible vehicle I cringed at the thought of drilling any holes in it, but then realized it was the only way to do the battery relocation properly. I got my hold down hardware at autozone.


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              stapan, lol, great visuals. its for my tank battery, real small and it couldnt escape the comparment its in unless I got hit by a semi and my x5 was ripped to shreds. I am mounting a metal strap over it. I need the foam so it dont rattle around in the compartment its in. I bought the "Great Stuff" foam today, Ill take some before and after pics when I do it. I also checked the insta-pak stuff, looked good but it requires a heater and one company I spoke to said that I must own the manufactures heater before I can buy the packing stuff, what $191 just for the heater. They also sold the packing stuff by the case. I also found foam they use to keep boats afloat. it looked cool as well but I didnt want to wait for delivery. This great stuff should do the trick, I hope!


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                I'd put some plastic, like an opened garbage bag or something in between the car and where you are pooring the foam... kind of making it look like the instapack stuff.... I wouldnt want to get that goo all over my car!

                Why dont you just put some pieces of foam in there? cant you "anchor" the battery anywhere?

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                Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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                  I did put styrofoam in at first and it worked. but the battery was in a position where it was interfering with the computer wire which is right above the battery. I had to take it all out. I could do it again and but I thought this idea was cooler since I can position everyhing before the foam drys. I hear ya on the idea of filling a bag with the foam like an insta-pak. Thats exactly how I was going to do it.