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Respray Console - Vauxhall Astra G Hatchback

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  • Respray Console - Vauxhall Astra G Hatchback

    Spent most of the morning deciding what i can do to my car, so i thought i might respray the console and air vents to colour code with the car, i have added some pictures below.

    I will post the images for the console when i do it tomorrow

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    when i get some money put together which shouldn't be too long i will be including a display with computer in boot, cables already ran to back for power etc.

    Heres a design below,

    It will be embedded in about 3 or 4 cm so it has a border, help to protect from sun. also ability to make a cover to go over for security.

    What ya think ?


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      That looks damn good. I'm thinking of doing the same in my AstraVan.


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          did you use a plastic primer before the top coat?

          it is funny how it is obvious that the same person who built your clock and HVAC controls built my Pug 306 ones. The general design, especially the mountings, and the materials are too identical.


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            yeh i cleaned the surface to get rid of grease/dirt etc then primer then coated with about 4 or 5 coats of spray.

            my clock and everything else is standard mate..

            all the materials are brought from shop just up the road lol


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              I know your clock and stuff are standard, i just meant that it was funny that different manufacturers use the same people to make them.

              So you didn't use any special plastic primer? Just normal car body paint?


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                i used this primer to prepare the plastic.. then sprayed over the top


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                  what primer?


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                    i can't remeber off hand. but it was a bumper/plastic spray primer, that could be used on any surface