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Vinyl Paint Durability

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  • Vinyl Paint Durability

    I was just wondering what the deal is with Vinyl paint. I have a large fiberglass/bondo piece that I want to cover with a durable, nice looking coating. Will vinyl paint do the trick? Or should I just use spray paint? Is there anything better out there?


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    Use Bumper paint, from what I hear it holds up well. Personally, I use car paint, just because I have acess to it readily for no cost to me, but bumper paint should be fine.
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      being fibreglass/bondo, id primer it then use just spray paint or car paint as HHdesign said. if you were doing carpet in the car, plastic trims, etc, then use vinyl paint. vinyl paint is made to soak into the material, so it looks like its supposed to be that colour.

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