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painting a dashboard

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  • painting a dashboard

    i have a old body escalade. the original dash is beige color. the paint in certain areas peeled right off. it was very easy to come off. im afraid to just paint the one area that peeled and it will happen again. whats the best way to peel everything off? some type of solvent or something? the paint is almost vinylish material. the original dash underneath is a glossy black. someone please help with some input on this.
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    Look for stuff called "Goo-gone" you can find it almost anywhere, doll makers use it a lot... Goo-gone will take super glue off so I'm sure it'll work, and it's clear so it shouldn't do anything to your underdash. I'd test it out on a small area first though, just to be safe.


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      im in the process of taking the dash out. so far i got everything off except the part that i need anyone know where i can find info on how to take the dash out?
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        the main mounts for that dash are the screws at the top, through the defrost area to the cowl.... there are two main brackets left & right lower, then there is a center brace & the steering column is mounted with a bracket that sandwiches a bracket to the dash......

        not much more than that actually holding the dash in, but your real problem is not just the mounting of the dash, your real problem is going to be the harness... it is weaved through the dash in such a way that you will need to remove the harness with the dash..... this can be intimidating & you will not be able to move the truck until you are back in...there are bulk head connectors on either side & the left side connectors are under the hood... you will need to disconnect the several plugs that come out of the firewall & then fish the harness through the firewall...

        this is not a job for an amature, no offence, & it is around 7 hours labor "by the book" out & back in, that's for a tech that has experience...

        I'm sorry if this info is a little vauge, but I'm just going from memory & when actually looking at it, it is alot more obvious as to what needs to be done

        the other way of acomplishing what it is you are attempting is instead of removing the dash, remove the windshield.... then cover everything well & you should be able to refinish the dash in the car..... it is done that way often.... but really the best way is r&i the whole dash.....

        as far as the actual job of refinishing, laquer thinner shold be fine to help remove the rest of the paint already there....use it sparingly & it should be fine on the vinyl itself, but will melt plastic, so be carefull & test first.... after that, light sanding, not enough to kill the texture though, just enough to promote adheasion.... I suggest sem's materials for this type of work..... you should use the whole system, not just the color, there is a clear adheasion promoter that is very important as a primer, then color, then there is a clearcoat over that, wheather matte, semi-gloss or gloss is your desired finish, it is much more durable with one of the sem clearcoat,s over the color

        I don't know how mint your truck is & how perfect you need it to be, but a much quicker way of doing this is with the sponge method... you won't need to take the dash out for that..... it is just what it sounds like.... applying the paint with one of those sponge brush type things, or even a cotton rag..... that is if you don't wan to really go off on this & it works pretty o.k. if your not shooting for perfection, & can be not to bad even if you are...., once you get the hang of wetting it enough & applying an even coat....

        good luck..... another thing I would have suggested was to try to pick up a dash on ebay cheap....this would allow you to refinish at your leasure & also would go a long way to helping you figure out the dash removal in the first place..... not to practical unless you get lucky & find someone local with it, but it does happen, I got a spare dash for my truck this way....even got the guy to drop it off to me.... for around $100
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          thanks for your response turbocad very informative. so far i got everything off except the dash itself. if the wiring is as tricky as you say it is im just gonna use a little laquer thinner and take the paint off. the wierd thing is only a certain part of my dash is peeling..the upper part. the lower parts seem to be fine! wtf. so im thinking im just gonna take it to my buddy at the body shop and he told me he can do it all for me with the dash staying in the car. lol i think i just might do that!
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