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  • iRam

    2003 Dodge Ram Quad Cab 1500 Hemi

    1.42GHz Mac mini with ComboDrive, 80GB hard drive, 512MB of RAM, AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth
    Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse
    Xenarc 1020TSV 10.2" LCD Touchscreen
    Panasonic UJ-845B Slot Loading Multi DVD burner
    CarNetix CNX-P1900 DC-DC Power Regulator

    Install Notes:
    After two years of planning, this is what I came up with. To make room for the Xenarc 1020TSV, I had to
    do a lot of cutting, relocate the AC controls and ditch the head unit. Yes, The audio from the Mac Mini runs
    straight to my four channel Infinity amp and JL Audio amp and subs. It sounds better than the Alpine I got
    rid of. I found a case from a 15" powerbook which I used for the power button on the dash. The holes in the
    aluminum worked out great because behind the power button resides the IR for my Keyspan remote. It has
    been a long and irritating process, but it is almost done. Thanks to all the members of MP3Car and MacVroom.

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    Wow, and you got all this done without asking a single question on the forums! A great first post, congrats to you.
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      Thanks. I found all the answers I was looking for. Everyone is so informative.


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        Cool job!

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          holy hell. thats the sexiest setup i have seen on these forums. damn i wish that was my dash
          i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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            damn, very nice. did not know that xenarc had a widescreen 10"

            Love the truck too.
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              After a double take on it. Sweet, slot cd drive. How is that ran back to the PC? is it a CD or DVD make model? Okay I see combo drive. MAC thats all i have to say about mac. Where is it? Behind the dash or under the seat? More pics please Nice install.
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                Wow what a nice ride! I'm a huge fan of the all-black look, great taste in colors.

                Now for the computer... Wow what awesome fabbing skillz. Very very nice clean setup. I really like the slot loading CD-Drive. I am in total envy. Nice job!
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                  pRoFiT, The slot loading drive is firewire which runs under the carpet to my center console where the mac mini sits. I tried to keep the whole set as simple as possible. You can plug and play any computer to this vehicle.


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                    The Mac Mini has a combo drive. I added a slot loading, dual layer dvd burner from panasonic which has been converted to firewire.


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                      love the install!!!. where did you get that bad a@@ power button?


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                        Thanks. I got the button off of an old powerbook case.


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                          What an awesome install, especially since it's your first. Congrats on a great job!

                          Love the AirStream too!


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                            awsome install all i have to say is "SICK"


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                              Thanks for all the positive feedback.