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  • Door panel question

    Alright, i've got textured door panels in my dodge ram. I already painted one of the panels, but i didn't like the textured look. also, some of the plastic fibers were sticking out from the initial sanding. I want to smoothen out the door so it can have more of a stylish look. I am also thinking of making some small pods for 6x9 speakers. what steps should i take? i don't need detailed steps, because i can search for those (and i have). i just need the order of steps.
    i'm assuming i should
    make the pods out of fiberglass,
    rivet them to the doors,
    then bondo the pods and the doors all at one time.

    what type of bondo should i use for the entire door? the body filler? also, will it stick to the door? i know fiberglass won't, but not many people have mentioned if bondo body filler will attach. if it won't, what can i do to make the bondo stick? will drilling holes in the door make the bondo fit more?

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    I'll chime in with what knowledge I have.

    I do mostly exterior body work, so I have some expierence with Bondo and fiber glass, anyways...

    I would say sand you door down more I suppose if you dont like textured feel. I think theres a not to-old thread where someone was making door pods....

    Pandy made some really nice pods, follow his thread.

    I dont think you want to be using plain bondo on your doors. I know thaty bondo cracks very eaisly and is weak to vibrations. I would GUESS, but get more opinions drill some rivits and use kitty hair bondo ... I'm guessing
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      i might have to go buy a sander. but at least i don't need a really expensive one to do this work. my problem was the fact that fibers were sticking off the door. someone told me that is the result of too much sanding, but there are still lots of bumps and textures. Should I start with a very low grit, then end with an extremely high grit?

      I was using filler primer, but that stuff is annoying as crap. I'm gonna try to just sand it smooth enough to use regular primer. Also, I'm using Duck tape brand "painters' masking tape." it says it's "14-day tape." I had it on for about 3 days, and when I removed it, residue was left all over the door. luckily, this was the crappy looking door.

      also, i cut into the door with the razor blades when I was cutting the masking tape to a design. What can I do to prevent this?