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In My Pondering Stage (possible bondo problems)

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  • In My Pondering Stage (possible bondo problems)

    Ok, So I have a 2002 Dodge Stratus, yes, not the best interior wise, but decent). Anyways, I was thinking about buying a new dash piece for seperate LCD work, but now I'm reconsidering if I even want to place it there. The reason for this is I'm afraid once I place bondo on any surface, that it will definately end up cracking. This dash trim piece is made out of plastic, A.K.A pretty bendable material So I'm left wondering if it is even worth persuing such a task or just to build it somewhere else, and if I need to build it somewhere else, where exactly would be good.. I would really like to make it recessed into the dash, not sticking out on a dash mount (like screwing it into a dash piece and calling it good).. I really want it to look nice and professional, but the plastics is what's holding me back...

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    If you think bondo/body-filler gives you problem, consider ABS weld. Follow this thread
    Or you can use SEM bumper rebair/filler as I used it.
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