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  • Custom Center Console

    So today while i'm sitting in woods class thinking about a project i get one to my head a center console with armrest. I'm searching around and I find very little so i got some questions.

    Can i take part of another console and mold it to my new console essentially adding like an oem lid to my custom console?

    Should I take any hardware out of an OEM console such as brackets and stuff to fit radio and other things in there?

    Anyone that has done this is therre any sources that you use or any examples?

    Is it better to cover with a cloth or seude or should i just fiberglass it?

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    Adapting another suitable OEM part is the best way to do this sort of thing IMO.


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      I originally thought to start with an existing console, but everything I found was not going to work with what I had in mind..... the ones that might have worked were either a bad match for the rest of my interior design or flimsy & plastic....

      I decided to build it from scratch..... used 1/8" board to flex for shape...braced w/ more wood as dividers & such.... final shape with glass/bondo.... then foamed & upholstered... built to my exact size/shape needed.... a lot more work....

      cover it with what matches your interior so it looks like it belongs there, the hardest part will be having it look like it came there from the factory if that's what your after....

      I'd agree that the best starting point is an existing console if you can find something suitable........ tons of factory consoles available on ebay...... if you can find something close as a starting point or better yet something that just drops in..... have done this with sucess before..... depends what your after really.....
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        Things that are in existance right now are not what i'm looking for and they're all discontinued.

        Anyone have any Examples

        How long are the a/c control wires usually?