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    Okay guys someone broke my car and stol my subwovers box.
    so what i want to do is i want to buy another two 12ves and want ti build them inside the trunk,
    could u guys show me a forum or a guide to do that , like what kind of wood i'll use, etc
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    that sucks, sorry man

    are you drunk from frustration? wovers? 12ves? ti?

    there are a lot of people who have done this search the forum for "false floor" and things of that nature. I plan on doing this at somepoint too. not so much for security.....just to have more room in the trunk.
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      don't know about a guide out there, maybe check jl's website. as far as wood use 3/4 mdf brace the crap out of it and use liquid nails to seal it up. as an added step you may want to pour some fiberglass resin in the box before you put the woofers in. this will gaurante that you have an air tight box.

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        try for pics of other installs. That should give you some good ideas

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