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'93 Jeep Grand Cherokee In-Dash LCD Fab Questions

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  • '93 Jeep Grand Cherokee In-Dash LCD Fab Questions

    Hey, I've been surfing this forums and realized that an in-dash lcd fab isn't that hard so I've been considering it. I've been thinking about fabricating the 7"-8" Lilliput in the red area in this picture:

    I'm worried that removing the AC controls is a bad move, but it seems like thats the best place. I don't want to to put it in the area of the head unit/vents to avoid the AC controls, but I have a head unit kit already fabricated up there so I'd rather just get rid of the AC panel. I could always just mount it on top of the dash with the included mount, but I think a in-dash fab would be a nice project.

    Thanks, let me know the best plan of attack for this job.

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    I jsut shifted my ac controls down.. and fabed a bezel for those.. with bondo most anything is possible

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      dude that ac control is bolted down all the way to the back. it will take alot of modding to get it down. yet its possible. but the way i see it..your losing your ac vents anyway. go ahead with the radio ac vents and leave ac controls alone trust me it will look better. and you can relocate a headunit to the information center in the bottom. good luck
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