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Looking For Fabricator looking to make some extra CASH!!!

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  • Looking For Fabricator looking to make some extra CASH!!!

    Hey guys I am new here but I have been searching the posts for about a year now. I have a 2002 Honda Civic Si show car and I am looking to to do some custom interior work. There are several projects that I would like done.

    For example:

    Molded Touch screen monitor indash
    Fiberglassed speaker pods in doors
    Custom subwoofer enclosure

    I have a couple more things That I would like to do. But I do not have the skill or the knowhow for fiberglassing so I figured I would see if anyone would like to make some cash. I am located on the east coast of the USA Please PM me or email me. Thanks

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    you havent said where you are.


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      Yeah Vodka, where are you?


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        Originally posted by kirbycope
        Yeah Vodka, where are you?
        In a bottle ?


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          are you looking to have it professionally done... along with the prices that would go along with that? or just a good amature willing to work for cheap?

          are you near nyc?
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