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slightly OT - big scratches in textured plastic dashboard

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  • slightly OT - big scratches in textured plastic dashboard

    I am a freelance engineer/machinist/welder by trade. When I can't use the wife's truck to pick up steel, I have to make due, and sometimes transport steel in my Hyundai Accent. Well, I was sliding a long piece of steel up and put a nasty scratch in the dashboard.

    The dash is made from what I believe is a flexible vinyl, I'm not entirely sure. It's slightly squishy...definately not hard plastic.

    Anybody have any suggestions for how to repair such a stupid mistake?

    PS-If this topic is too Off topic, I apologize.

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    A pic would help but off the top of my head if it is in fact vinyl. I would check with a local upholstery shop like the kind that puts in afterarket leather seats in cars they use a lot of vinyl and could probably do a repair for a decent price.


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      If the scratch is in a vinyl cover, then you'd likely need to replace the vinyl. Or you could try and find the same OEM part on Ebay or a junkyard if you opposed to the stealership.
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        there was a few year ago companies that would come out and repair dashes, fill holes where phone kits had been thing like that and colour match them. try searching google