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My 05 ford focus

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  • My 05 ford focus

    Sorry about the horrible quality... But I was using my vx8100 while driving down the road. I think I might need a couple more coats of Krylon Fusion... But it will do for now until I finish up with everything else, it all runs smooth.. I just need a way to turn my laptop on (since it will be under the seat, I don't want to solder wires, and the power button is in the middle of the laptop on top if you have a way, hook me up please)

    Oh, and tell me what you think.

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    Looks clean man, kinda hard to tell from the pic quality but it looks square and straight to me. Check the BOIS of the laptop, there my be some power config options there. Like wake on LAN or wake on a certain activity
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      IMO you need texture paint. not krylon need to hide a few imperfections. we arent all perfect(except for me of coarse)


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        I just bought a brand new ford focus, I think they still called it the 05 focus cause of its manufacturing date but it looks nothing like that, have u got any other pics of the dash? where ya from maybe they changed the dashes around the world.
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          I'll have to pull the laptop out of my car and look at the bios... i looked in there.. just can't remember what it all has... thanks though

          Yeah... textured paint i think i might still do... Looks kind of crapy... but I was getting really impatiant.

          I live in the US here is my cardomain page:

          I need a digital camera so I can take pictures but I don't have one... and this phone isn't really the best at pictures... maybe i can borrow my mom's if she will ship it to me or one of my roommates.