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  • NON carputer fabrication help

    I want to put foglights in my bumper, but i want to make a custom housing for them. here is a pic of my bumper with where i want to put the foglights...

    here's one with factory foglights in a housing

    any input guys on how i should go about doing this?? i have a few ideas, but i want advice from the pros!

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    how expensive is the housing from the dealer?
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      it won't fit mine. its from a different body style and i have an aftermarket bodykit on mine anyways. i want to use different size lights than the factory one also.


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        tape up the whole inside of that airdamn and then tape the back side of it and fiberglass the whole thing then pop it then take ur fog lights apart fiberglass the housing into the thing with fleece on the top and then cut a hole in the back to put ur bulbs and the rest of the housing together and then run a wire out

        or bring it to my place and i can do it for fairly cheep :-P i live in diamond bar like 2 hour drive from moorpark


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          how much is fairly cheap?

          i've never worked with fiberglass before, but i want to learn how. maybe i'll give it a go and then i can have you help if(when) i screw it up.


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            What about some sort of covering over the light to protect the bulb?
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              if i wanted to get more intricate, is there something i can fill that hole with and sculpt out the shape i want. foam of some sort?

              if i taped the whole inside, could i use some expanding foam...

              and then shape it once its finished expanding??


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                hey hit me up on aim at thexklusiveducky and we can talk bout this