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Custom radome for multi-antenna rig?

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  • Custom radome for multi-antenna rig?

    I want to create a single radome to house my GPS, cell and wifi roof antennas. I'll either attach it magnetically to the roof of my car or punch a hole and install it permanently. I want to be able to remove/change the cell and wifi antennas via a screw-on connection like most magentic mounts do.

    I like the idea of a single unit rather than separate so I don't have to deal with 3 sets of cables (for magnetic mount), or having to punch 3 holes (for perm. mount).

    I also do not want to use the angled antenna mounts that most companies sell as this reduces the effectiveness of the antenna. I want to mount mine vertically for maximum effect. (If I am wrong on this point, please say so and explain)

    Any ideas for how to fabricate this? I've been searching the web for awhile, but I haven't found any ready-made solutions yet.


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    Hmm that dounds gr8.
    Matter of fact am intrested in the same thing... ANY update with u
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      No update. I'll post one if I figure it out.


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        here's a start....


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          that'd look cool on the roof...

          they do make antennas that do more than one band.... I've seen cellular & gps & wi-fi in one unit.... there are benifits in spreading them out though....
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            Yes, I've seen the multi-band antennas, but I want to be able to swap different sizes and types of antennas for different purposes and locations.


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              Originally posted by EMT2B


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                Why not just go with an antenna like this.

                At the very bottom of the page it shows you the different types of antenna's and what they can do.

                Or you could just buy this one in the store.


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                  I was referring more the feed patch, not the array.

                  personally, I'd like to use aircraft blade style antennas for all of this, but i can't find them for a reasable price.