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    Going for an install in my 97 saturn I just wanted to get some input before I do it so I can get it done the best way possible the first time around.

    Things are a little more tricky than most of the installs that i see on here due to the fact that the dash piece is oddly shaped.

    Here is a photo of the "dash" in the car

    Here is a photo of what I figure would be a decent place to mount it, notice the gaps on both left and right side? Whats the best way to fill this? I'm thinking of wood but I dont know. Also the bottom will have to be cut to be made to be flush with the HVAC controls which adds another notch on the ole difficulty rating.

    Here is what it would look like from the side... I'd rather have it recessed or flush but i'm unsure the easiest way go about that.

    I might try and do what Altimat did with the wooden frame and recess it a little bit. Theres something about having it stick out over the top that shouts "Hi! I'm easy to steal!" but maybe its just me...

    I'm looking for any general suggestions or advice that might save me some hastle before I go into this with a "freestyle" attitude trying to figure out the best route myself (and going through 3 of these frames)
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    How about just hacking up an install kit, the one without the upper pocket.
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