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  • OEM Look Mazda6

    Please excuse my ignorance, but I do not know much about fiberglassing so go easy on me
    My current setup (ugly):

    I'm currently trying to pursue a way to make my motorized Xenarc screen in my map pocket look more OEM. I happened to come across the following picture which is the stock NAVI equipped in the 2006 models, and the look I'd like to get.

    I need advice as to where to start. I'm a perfectionist and that is what I'm striving for. I'm going to purchase another map pocket to start to play around with that, however I do not have the knowledge in the fabrication field. The screen should also be able to tuck and hideaway so it cannot be attached. If need be, I'd gladly be willing to pay someone here to fabricate something, but I want to give it a try myself. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    try a scap yard to get the navi housing, simple as pie


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      just buy the navi housing as a part from the dealer they sell all the parts just dont buy the screen


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        Actually they don't, I'm a Mazda6 driver and they don't sell just the housing, they sell the entire unit only, for over 2000 usd. That's way too much for a simple mod. Also, it has only just become an option on 06+ Mazda6 and Mazdaspeed6's, so finding them in a junkyard is not going to happen. Go to and search around in the forum a little bit, there is talk of linear actuators and whatnot to solve this problem. But for now, just keep it as is and wait for a more stock like option to appear.


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          Hey Cuban Affection,

          I am currently working on automating my map box on my 6. I also bought a new map pocket just to play with. I am a design enginner doing automation and robotics, I should be able to figure it out. My screen (Xenarc 700tsv) just arrived and I have the map pocket to work with as well. The stock screen is a bit too big in its stock housing to make the rotation as the door is opened and closed. I will either be reliveing the bottom to make room for the rotation and my mechanism or I will repackage the screen like the one that is sold for the G35 and design the mechanism around that.

          GO here to keep updated on my progress.

          As I said, I just got all my parts so it will be a little while before i have a kit that I could sell.

          Best regards,