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  • Bondo Applicatin Question

    OK, I am taking a stab at making my own bezel (using Gork's thread that is stickied in this section). I applied the first few coats of bondo using Bondo-Glass. I sanded a bit between each application but when I was done with the Bondo Glass the bezel was still rough (as expected).

    So now I move to the lightweight bondo or "original formula" bondo for the fine tuning aspect. Although I was not expecting to have a perfect finish after just one coat of the lightweight bondo, but after the coat was applied and sanded a bit there were still several pits, grooves, etc to the point that after this first coat of the lightweight bondo, the bezel looked almost as rough as prior to the lightweight bondo (it was actually better than the bondo-glass coat, but I guess I was expecting more).

    Is there a certain way apply the lightweight bondo for better results after the aplication? Since the entire surface of the bezel after applying several coats of the bondo-glass was rough, I applied the lightweight stuff over the entire bezel. Should I only attempt to fill a small part of the bezel, then sand it down prior to moving on to another part of the bezel? Is there a good type of applicator to use (I ued a plastic knife for the bondo-glass and a plastic application tool, the one that came with the lightweight bondo, for the lghtweight coats)?

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    When I did my screen, I was using the "Orignal Formula" only.
    The one lesson I learned as far as eliminating cracks and pits go, is sanding down the Bondo slowly. Nice and easy strokes, especially if you're using a sanding block.
    It also really depends on the density (grit):
    I used 80 (dry only), 400 (dry & wet), and 800 (wet only).
    I remember that 80 (dry) and 400 (dry) left me with pits and small cracks/lines.

    Oh yeah, and my so-called "applicator" was a chop-stick I cut to make it look like a mini-shovel.

    Have fun.
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      How about applying the filler bondo to one area at a time? Looking back at my first attempt at the lightweight stuff, it seems that I might have had better results if I didn't try to fill all of the initial holes/gaps at once.


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        I've been applying the lightwieght bondo with my fingers. I find it easiest to get it where I want it, and any curves or shapes I find easiest to do with my finger, and leaves me with the least sanding.
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