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  • Looking for fabrication help in Europe

    Everyone, I'm looking for someone who can do some fabrication work for me. I want to put an SP7 monitor in the dash of my Saab 900SE. I have the dash panel out and messed around with trying to mount the screen but quickly realized that I am in over my head. I don't have the tools, experience, or dexterity to do this, and really don't want it to wind up looking like something Homer Simpson built in his garage.

    I live in Barcelona and suspect that there isn't anyone local, so I'm willing to pack the dash panel and screen off to someone who can mold it in and make it look good, then send it back to me. I figure it'll probably have to go to the UK or Germany, and that is fine. There was a guy who did an amazing screen in the dash of his Saab, with fake woodgrain, but that is probably fancier than I need.

    Anyway, is anyone capable and interested, or can anyone recommend someone who is able? Thanks!

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    post a pic of your dash, and i may be interested (in the UK)


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      Here you go: the radio was 1 3/4 DIN, and the SID (clock/display) above it are both out so there is a big rectangular space left. The dash itself is heavily textured but the radio/SID were smooth. I'm perfectly OK with a single molded piece that fits into the dash like the radio/SID did - the texture doesn't have to match. That way I can put the other stuff back in when I sell the car if I want. I originally was thinking about making something of MDF instead of plastic but there is only around 1CM of space on the sides of the monitor and I figured it would be too tough to cut correctly.

      The black/white drawing clearly shows the relative size and shape of the opening (heater/AC controls is incorrectly labeled, it's actually the SID). While the entire dash is slightly curved, the radio/SID themselves are completely flat as it their opening.

      I'm guessing this isn't exactly a 10 on the difficulty scale; unfortunately I'm about a 1.5 when it comes to these things.
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        so you only want it in space of the radio yea? the SID will go back to where it currently is now? Is there an adapter for putting an aftermarket radio available? that would be better to send, and easier to modify and also easier to replace.

        I would be happy to undertake this for you.

        i have logs of my work fr you to look at (portfolio?): - 1st install - 2nd install - CURRENT 3rd install.


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          Well, the screen is too big to fit where the radio was, even out of its case, so the SID has to go as well. I'm hoping to eventually use the promised-for-CentraFuse diagnostics connector to get some of its functionality back.

          So, yeah, what I'm looking for is a single molded/sculpted thing that pops into the dash in place of the radio and SID. What kind of €€ would you be thinking about for something like that, and what kind of timeframe?


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            thats what im talking about. if you can get one of these, I could put the screen in one of those easily.


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              timeframe = 2 weeks.

              ££ (im british :P) = tbd. it wont be too expensive i assure you that! basically whatever it costs me in materials and a little beer money. you got msn? lets talk!


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                ok, so in Centimeters - give me the exact dimentions of the hole in the dash to be filled and the exact size of the screen bezel.


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                  Just in case anyone is still following along, my dash and screen bezel arrived at Dracos' place today. And now the waiting begins. :nervousasawhoreinchurch:


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                    why not!

                    I'll use this as a project thread, and post the fabrication pics in here

                    I have some, but i am gonna make you wait until the morning to see them hehehe


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                      I'm pacing like an expectant father.


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                        OK! So, ill post some pics to put alan out of his misery :P

                        firstly, the dash i had to work with.

                        And The fabrication materials!

                        Now, firstly, i had to get the screen level with the dash front and then epoxy it in place:



                        Next job was to tape off the back so the gaps could be filled!

                        Then i had to address the big gap underneath. Alan wanted USB ports in there, job done!

                        I took an old bit of broken wooden blind and cut it to the shape of the hole, then i epoxied that in place. I then cut a hole in the middle for the usb ports and epoxied them in place.

                        I then fiberglassed all the gaps and delicately glassed around the usb ports.



                        of course, thats bumpy as fook and really untidy! so a bit of sanding and filling went on (more still needed)

                        Thats all so far, more coming tonight!


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                          Dracos rocks


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                            ok, so update!

                            generally just lots of filling and sanding (and the first very light coat of high build primer.)

                            the USB ports - what a headache! I had to very carefully fill and smooth this:

                            so i filled:

                            and sanded:

                            as for the rest:

                            after all sanding and washing, i gave it a coat of plastic primer adhesion promoter:

                            and then a thin coat of primer to show imperfections:

                            thats it so far, im waiting for the paint to dry so i can pin fill the 2 minor minor minor imperfections.


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                              usb ports look crooked