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How to bond ABS to lexan or plexi?

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  • How to bond ABS to lexan or plexi?

    Is there any type of adhesive out there that will create a permanent bond between ABS plastic and either lexan or plexi? I'm hoping to find something that will act on both materials to partially "melt" them one into the other so they become almost a single unit once it sets. However, the ABS sheet I'm using is only about 1/8" thick, so hopefully the bonding agent isn't something that will eat through that thickness. The lexan or plexi will probably be approx 1/4" so that I can countersink screws into it.

    The lexan/plexi will not be visible, but the top/outer surface of the ABS will be visible, as that's the woodgrain trim that I'm using to match my existing trim in the car.

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      I use the ABS epoxy from autoparts. (price: $4)

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        Epoxy is the strongest way to go.
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