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  • Clear castings.

    Ok I'v got a project that is going to require me to mount some leds in a block (not exactly square) and to make the front of the black defuse so the block with light up the color of the led.

    I'v checked out clear casting resin but its gona be $30 bucks to do what I need which is more than the electronics cost.

    I'm thinking maby normal fiberglass resin sence the thickness wil be less than an inch?

    If any one has any ideas let me know.

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    polyester resin should be fine. do a test and see how clear it is.

    it might be too milky though.

    you could try melting some clear plastic - eg acrylic and forcing it into the mould to make a mock up injection moulder.


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      Milky is perfect. I want one of the sides of the brick to glow the color of the leds.

      Polyester is the fiberglass resin correct? If I'm right its alot cheaper than clear casting resin right?

      I know I'v seen the fiberglass resin at walmart and I think it was like $5 for a can of it.


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        yeah most automotive repair stuff is polyester.


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          You could also try 5 minute araldite.
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            Where can you get 5 minute araldite? Also whats the cost?


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              any hardware store. It's just a 2 part epoxy glue but it should do what you want. It should be realtively cheap. It all depends on how big you want the item to be.
              Never let the truth get in the way of a good story


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                To be safe I'm hoping what ever solution I pick will be affordable enough to buy at least a quart of the stuff (so 1/2 quart hardner and 1/2 quart of the resin). By affordable I meen around 10 bucks.


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                  a lot of the automotive stuff i find drys kind of yellow / amber...
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                    Could you just use a small block of plexiglas and grind/sand/polish it to shape?


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                      I could use a peice of plexie but I would need 6 peices that are roughly 1x1x2 inches.

                      Some thing tells me that would end up costing more than some kind of pourable casting.

                      I might be able to get by with a peice of half inch thich sheet plexie.


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                        You can use clear table top resin, like that is used on bar tops and what not.


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                          be aware that by doing this you are altering the led's coul end up looking like a bunch of little spots of light. you may be better off just putting the lights on the side or behind it.

                          as far as resin, i've been having great luck with 'aristocrat' resin. i think it cost me 15 bucks for a qt and it's crystal clear

                          you can order it online at there website or i think pearl art supply stores carry it too.

                          oh yeah... and you can get tints for it too, i have the red and blue tint and they look great
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                            To prevent the LED from just showing a point of light, you can sand the tip flat to diffuse the light.


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                              hcker2000, where are you from? there is a place that sells acrylic resin for i think 15 bucks a quart, extactly what you are looking for. place is called S&W Plastics, on E Street, in San Bernardino, CA.

                              i have some sitting around somewhere... if i get a chance, next weekend i will whip some up and do what i think you want to do...
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