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How do I get nice edges when cutting sheet metal?

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  • How do I get nice edges when cutting sheet metal?

    I have to extend the case on my carputer. I want to cut some metal off an old pc case to use. I have tried this with a hacksaw before, and got ugly uneven edges. Is there a much better way, that don't require tools that cost more than the carputer?

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    draw file them agaisnt a straight edge clamped to the side after cutting. You should always draw file after cutting.


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      even sheers will leave nasty edges,

      when i did the aluminium for my case(desktop, not my carpc) i cut it slightly larger(maybe 1/16inch) and sandwiched it between two pieces of hardened steel, then i ground down the edges with a die grinder, got beautiful results, i then rounded with 120 grit sand paper, so to have a nice round edge there. worked great.

      eventually ill get a guide on detailing this process...
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