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Subaru WRX - 7" Xenarc

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  • Subaru WRX - 7" Xenarc

    Hey all, I've been a long time lurker learning alot. A couple weeks ago my car got broken into and everything was stolen (carpc, touchscreen, sound system). . I had the TMZ/Mechatroniks bezel with the Lilliput for a drop in solution, but I figured I would give the Xenarc a try this time around.

    So far I have the Xenarc ripped apart and ready to dremel my dash trim. Tomorrow I'm going to search the Home Depots and Lowes for some plastic epoxy or something similar and some filler (probably bondo since i already have some). Any suggestions, words of wisdom, warnings, etc are welcome. I'll try to update this with pics while I progress along. This will be my first attempt at fabrication, so wish me luck!

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    Step 1 complete today. I got some plastic epoxy today - it was the only thing i could find easily. It does pretty good, sets up fairly quick if you don't have to hold any pieces in place to risk wiggling it. I had to do this since my trim is curved and the xenarc is flat, so I held the trim flattened out a little bit so it would align better with the xenarc. seemed like it took it forever to harden. later on i taped up the back and applied a heavy layer of the epoxy on the large gaps and it only took that about 10 minutes or so to harden.

    my really uneven dremeling.


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      Day 3. Filler, Primer, and Paint.

      Worked with the filler and it went quite well. After applying and sanding the filler a couple times, i put a few coats of sandable primer. the primer filled in the pinholes and other imperfections. sanded and then painted with some krylon ultra flat black paint. still not quite the color i was looking for, so i'll probably repaint with some regular flat black.

      here is a closeup of the epoxy.

      filler. i masked over the button holes so i wouldn't have to be super careful in that area.



      painted and test fit. the ultra flat black didn't look much different than the primer in direct sunlight.

      i'm pretty happy with the outcome, especially since its my first time doing something like this. thanks to the creators of all the guides, faqs, and related posts that helped me out on this project!


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        very nice man. came out really clean, it's all straight, color matches. well done.


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          Looks good! I'd probable relocate lcd buttons elsewhere, but otherwise very clean and smooth.

          ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ 80% progress (sold)


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            Originally posted by f1vlad
            Looks good! I'd probable relocate lcd buttons elsewhere, but otherwise very clean and smooth.
            thanks! yeah, i'm not so sure about the buttons there either. this is my first xenarc, so i'm going to use it a while and see how often i really need the buttons. i might just tuck them out of sight and smooth over the holes if i don't need them.