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  • Fabrication

    I have noticed at of people doing things with fiberglass, I found somthing thats inexspensive and it hardens like a rock.

    Hope this will help someone that wants to make that bezel more customized and produce a more factory look.

    check the link out.

    Anyways, just trying to help out alittle. Since Im working on doing my own.

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    ok - but to do that (if I'm understanding this right) you are essentially casting a I reading this right?

    if you want to save time, use DuraGlass or the like. Mixes fiberglass strands in bondo, makes it extremely rigid and strong, and gives you filler. A thin layer of bondo on top and some sanding and you're done. Provided, of course, that you paid attention to the surface of the DuraGlass.
    Jan Bennett
    FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

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