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False floor standoffs

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  • False floor standoffs

    Hi all,
    Just wondering, what do people use for standoffs when installing false flooring in car boots? My idea was small blocks of wood glued to the metal boot floor, then screwing//nailing the false flooring to that. Is this feasible, or is there a better/smarter/easier way? Many thanks in advance.

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    It depends on how you construct the top, how you want it to come out, and what you're covering it with. If you're carpeting your top piece you can do like you suggest screw/adhesive the MDF spacers to the trunk floor, lay the top down, and cut a small slit in the carpet to shoot a screw down into the spacer then cover it back with the carpet and blend. If you're using vinyl or something other than carpet same thing with the spacers but you'll either use you trunk side pieces to hold the top down or some screws from inside/under the top into the spacers.

    So to answer your question, yes you're on the right track


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      Thanks, yeah I'm looking at the carpet/screw route, so I'm glad I wasn't totally off


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        In my car I attached the "feet" to the top of the false floor. My entire trunk has an extra 2" and is all pressfit and covered with carpet for speaker enclosures.