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    I'm about to start fabrication on my 2001 Dodge Stratus so that I can install my LCD into the dash, however, I'm hesitant to do so because I feel that it may look "tacky." Here is a picture of what my dash looks like, an I will explain what I mean.

    My car looks like this, but with faux wood instead and my HU is an aftermarket JVC kameleon that I currently use to feed in an AUX signal from my computer. I would like to keep the headunit rather than to purchase an amp.

    Anyways, I currently just have my LCD attached to a mount and it sits right over that center hole in between the center air vents. It actually looks pretty good, however, it doesnt look "factory". You can't even see the mount because it sits in the hole.

    If I was to install the screen in the dash, I would pretty much have to move the HU and HVAC somewhere else as there is not enough space for the screen and either one of the HVAC or HU. I'm planning in installing my AOPEN pandora in the little recessed compartment underneath the dash. You can see it here.

    That makes it difficult to decide where to relocate the HVAC and HU.

    Finally, since the HVAC and HU both have to be moved, I'm weary that after I fabricate the LCD into the dash, it will be the only thing there and will look bare. I could possibly get a larger LCD, but funds just don't permit it. (I'm working with a Dynamix 706 7" LCD).

    Any comments or suggestions?

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    After a Quick Photoshop...

    Something like this maybe:

    Click image for larger version

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      I'd say just modify the radio opening and the bottom of that bezel. That should be good enough.