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    I wish I could show a picture, but my description should be enough. My first attempt at fiberglass was fiberglassing my lilliput frame to my radio trim... I admit I did a pretty ****ty job the first couple layers of fiberglass, which probably messed me up. I sanded a good portion of it down though, so it wasn't that bad. I have been using an electric sander, so the spots aren't that bad, but I still have tiny holes (i'm assuming from air bubbles) in my work. I just looked a thread and he was going to use the spot putty to fix in the holes, is that what I need to do? I was either thinking just applying resin or bondo or I guess spot putty. Thanks for any help.


    1) I have tiny air bubble holes in my bezel
    2) What is the best way to fix this
    3) Thanks!

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    yup bondo or spot putty is the way to go. Spray filler wont even work very well as it will still leave some holes behind.
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