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    Hello, I have been reading these forums for alittle bit and I am just about to get into glassing for both my sub boxes and I would like to try to do some body panels (bumpers, etc.). I have all the tools I believe, but I am just wondering to exactly which products should I use and for what? It seems like eproxy resins are tougher and better, correct? So I should use this resin for both panels and sub boxes? Should I use anything different for dash and kick panels? Should I be doing something different with sub boxes and dash stuff compared to body panels (would body panels ie. hood bumber, flares, be built stronger?) How many layers should I use, what mat? Mekp hardener I have already. Exactly what is rage gold for? I also read that EB general purpose resin (or the premium) is the best to use. What is the difference between that and premium polyester layup resin? I have all the videos, but it does not seem too clear on exactly, which products seem to work best. I would rather spend the extra money and get the better stuff. Thanks alot, really appreciate it if you could even answer 1 question or point me to the answer, thanks!

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    Wow, you have no idea what you're about to get yourself into. Building complex pieces, bumpers, body panels is REALLY hard to do.

    For the most part resin is resin and it doesn't matter what you use(to a certain extent). Body panels should be a LOT stronger than a sub box because they're bolted to the car and they'll flex and break.

    Rage gold is a body filler. You sound like you've bought David Fishman's tapes. He's a huge advertisement for them.


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      No been on the glassman forums


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        wouldn't that forum be better suited to help you then a forum dedicated to car pc's?
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