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2002 Silverado Custom Dash Bezel

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  • 2002 Silverado Custom Dash Bezel

    Decided I wanted to do some work on the interiror of my truck, and this has been a pretty easy fabrication so far.

    I started by taping off around the deck:

    Trimmed off the excess:

    Dash bezel back in place:

    I used duramix 4040 (which is a semi-rigid plastic repair) to tack the deck bezel to the dash bezel:

    I'm in arizona, so it only took a couple minutes for that stuff to set; then I removed the dash bezel:

    Masked off the front side of the bezel so I could come from the back and fill in the gaps with more Duramix. If I could do it over I wouldn't have taped all the way to the bottom of the dash bezel, but to the middle part that separates the din from the a/c controls:

    Here is a shot of the back side after I applied the Duramix in the gaps. I taped the inside of the deck bezel that way I wouldn't get any Duramix in there to save time on sanding later:

    Shot of the front side after sanding with some 50-grit. I also filled in that space on the left side of the dash bezel the same way as well as filling in the gap that goes around the outside edge.

    Body filler applied. I use Evercoast Rage Gold, which is a lightweight filler. It spreads and sands much easier than the Bondo and is pretty much the same price. Working in 100 degree weather made it kinda tuff to get the filler/hardner ratio right though. The first couple tries I only had a minute or two working time with it:

    Sanded with 50, 60, then 80-grit:

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    Some shots after a couple coats of primer. I wanted to get a better visual of the imperfections and there's quite a few. I was hoping that since I was using a high-build primer it would fill in the texture on the bezel, but it didn't. I'm using an HVLP gun and I'm pretty inexperienced with it so maybe I'm doing something wrong. I'm gonna fill in a couple pin holes and go over the whole bezel with some metal glaze, then prime it again, and attempt to paint it myself. I've already got the paint to match the color-code of my truck:

    Well that's it for now. Let me know what you guys think.


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      lookin good so far. can't wait to see it all finished and painted.


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        looks nice!
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          Is that textured? If so what did you use to texture it?


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            looks nice, any plans for the blank area above the radio? oh..and uhm...what happened to your ac controls?
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              Originally posted by Das View Post
              Is that textured? If so what did you use to texture it?
              Its just the stock texture of the bezel. I just primered over it.


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                Originally posted by scott_fx View Post
                looks nice, any plans for the blank area above the radio? oh..and uhm...what happened to your ac controls?
                No plans right now. Eventually I want to put like a 7" LCD in that spot. Don't have to cash for that right now tho. The a/c controls will still be in the same spot under the deck. I didn't fabricate them into the bezel.