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  • almost finished project

    Been wanting to do a carpc in my '97 Chrysler Intrepid for about 3 years now and I finally took the plunge this summer. So here goes...

    The basic setup
    Via Epia-M systemboard
    512MB memory
    Slim CD/DVD
    Super 7" Touchscreen Display
    Holux GR 213 USB GPS
    XM radio through XMD1000
    Audio running through Sony headunit

    I'm running the Roadrunner frontend using a customized MC2.0 skin to fit my needs such as interfacing my XM radio, iGuidance navigation, audio, video, and dvd. I've found that this frontend was the most customizable with the setup I had. I'm sure I'll try others in the future.

    The Fabrication
    The headunit had to be relocated from where the touchscreen to its current place and this replaced my front air vents. My HVAC controls were relocated to the glove compartment but I just leave them on the lowest setting to keep the touchscreen cooled after a mishap this summer during the heatwave. Lets just say there was a lot of smoke and I had to get a new screen. Not sure if heat was the cause.

    The mold was made using the existing trim piece and modified by using a combination of fiberglass and kevlar body filler to smooth things out. I completely forgot to take pictures of the process, but these forums can help you out tremendously. The screen is held in by 2 brackets so it can be removed in about 2 minutes. With work involved, this whole thing took me about 3 weeks to make considering you have to wait overnight between most steps. I don't think I'd do it again simply bc it took so long.

    I haven't decided for a place to put the computer. It sits on the passenger side floor for now while I get all the bugs out of it. Its small enough to fit under the seats, but I have bass shakers already taking up much of the space (makes for an interesting ride).

    I'll finish off by showing pictures. I'm sure things will change in the near future. For eveyone that wants to do a project like this, the time you put into the project reflects the quality. Don't half fast something because people will notice.

    These forums have been my life for the past 3 months and I wanted to thank everyone because it couldn't have happened without this community.

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    Good work on everything except the Xplod. Paint work looks primo.


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      very nice work, clean install!