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2003 Mazda6 Console Fab

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  • 2003 Mazda6 Console Fab

    Well this was my first attempt at any type of (major) fabrication and I'm pretty happy with how this came out. I had the Metra kit for the Mazda6 and decided to mold an Xenarc screen in. However by doing so I also had to relocate a few buttons/circuit boards which is still a work in progress. Nevertheless, more pics to come of the completed job. I'm glad I took this job upon myself as I can use it a building ground for fiberglassing my own box in the future.

    The idea:

    In progress:

    All primered up:

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    fine work there!
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      Thank you! It was quite the enjoyment and learning experience in this project. I'm currently working on another piece that I relocated one of the circuit boards to. Hopefully I can finish it soon and send all my interior panels to the body shop.


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        Lookin good amigo. You still using an HU or is it PC to amp direct?
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          PC to amp directly, didn't really see the point of a HU anymore. Is there a benefit towards using a HU with a CarPC?


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            there are two reasons I use an HU with my PC, one, i already spent loads of dough on one before i decided to delve into the PC project, and two, i use a mac mini, so in the absence of any real front-end or GPS software, the HU fills that void nicely. Even nicer is that i can switch between the two with zero load times.
            Et ipsa scientia potestas est.

            Worklog for my 2007 Civic Si ...f*** it...
            Pictures of the Corolla (retired)here
            Need to make something? Here are a few ideas.


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              looks good... any pics of the screen in the car ?
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                No pictures of the screen in the car, I'm still a little while away from that unforunately.

                I'm about 90% finished with the last panel in which I relocated my A/C circuit board to, it's coming out rather nicely although it was a bit more of a pain. After that I have to test fit the center console and send it off to the body shop. The excitement of putting it all back to gather is getting me anxious. I haven't had my CarPC in my car for almost a year now due to certain circumstances.


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                  More work done!!! I've done a few more things since my last post, including finishing this panel as well as starting work on another one and building a box to hold my CarPC. It's coming along well.

                  This the panel that I moved the A/C, rear defrost, and circulate buttons from the dash to this panel. The curve made for a lot of work.


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                    Where did you end up locating the Hazard switch?


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                      Never relocated the Hazard switch. I pushed that back on my list and started/finished some more things.


                      Gutted my interior to dye my carpet and dynamat the floor:


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                        is that spray n carpet did that comeout.whered u get it


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                          that looks fantastic so far. can't wait to see the end results!
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                            Yes that was spray on dye, it worked great however it did leave the carpet a little rough (Not that I care it doesn't even show mostly when it's in the car) I got it from (here's the direct link:

                            I just finished dynamatting my floor, terrible experience and lot of work but the results will pay off hopefully.


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                              Well the never-ending work continues. Floor is now dynamated, I just need to add the layer of Ensolite and it's complete. I unclipped all the wires that were attached to body and put them above the dynamat. I put a single layer throughout the car and doubled up on the wheel fenders. It was ***** to cut out all the holes for the bolts, screws, clips and anything else that goes into the body of the car. It took a few hours, hopefully the work will pay off when I drive in the morning and hear nothing but silence.